Postgraduate studies in "Software Engineering and Business Tools"

The "Software Engineering and Business Tools" postgraduate studies were launched in October 2001 as one of the first postgraduate studies in Poland with elements of distance learning. From the 2011/2012 academic year, the study program was modified and adapted to the expectations and needs of the candidates.

These studies are addressed to people with higher education related to IT in some way, e.g. to:

  • science graduates,
  • people professionally involved in IT,
  • PhD students,
  • IT enthusiasts.

A student who completes the study program obtains a postgraduate diploma in Software Engineering and Business Tools.

Lectures and laboratory exercises take place during two-day meetings on Saturdays (from 12:00) and Sundays (from 9:00), usually twice a month at the Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics of Jagiellonian University. Laboratory classes are held in ICSM computer laboratories. In addition to traditional forms of studying, the student also participates in modern forms of distance learning (MSTeams, Pegaz).

During the course of studies, the student has the opportunity to choose subjects several times. Thanks to this, he can adapt the implemented program to his individual needs and interests. In addition to the employees of the Institute of Computer Science of Jagiellonian University, classes are conducted by outstanding specialists from computer companies, which guarantees close contact with the software industry.

Studies last three semesters. The fee for the entire study is PLN 9,000 and is payable in three semester installments (PLN 3,000 each).

Recruitment rules:

Recruitment of candidates takes place through the Internet Recruitment System.

Qualification of candidates is carried out on the basis of applications (the order of applications is decisive).

See the study program.