Our graduates among the highest earners

According to the ELA website - Economic Fate of Graduates (www.ela.nauka.gov.pl), graduates of computer science at the Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics receive one of the highest salaries among graduates of all day studies in Poland.

Graduates of the second-cycle studies in the field of computer science from 2019 are in the 6th place in the ranking with a median earnings of PLN 8,823.64. This means that 50% of our graduates earn more than this amount.

The median earnings of 2019 graduates of first-cycle studies in the field of computer science are PLN 7,744.14.

It is worth emphasizing that the ELA website provides objective and reliable data on earnings. Those figures do not come from the questionnaires completed by graduates, but are based directly on data from the Social Insurance Institution and the POL-on system.  

Published Date: 15.02.2022
Published by: Krzysztof Bartosz