Companies about us

The Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics has been cooperating with many IT companies for many years. Our students, due to the high analytical competences they acquire during their studies, are very willingly employed by IT companies, in particular those with whom we cooperate.


Students still in the third year of bachelor's studies, as part of the Team Project classes, have the opportunity to participate in real projects carried out in companies. In this way, they make themselves known to a potential future employer.


Companies also organize many events at the Institute, such as: open days, seminars, workshops, and lectures. Employees of some companies conduct or co-conduct classes as part of the course of studies. The Institute employees are also invited to companies to deliver various types of lectures on problems and challenges faced by organizations.


To further improve and expand cooperation with the business environment, a Business Cooperation Council has been established at our Institute. Its members are representatives of the Institute and IT companies. The Council serves the Institute's management with opinions on various events and initiatives concerning cooperation between science and business.


Here are some companies' opinions about us and about cooperation with our Institute as part of the PELIKAN IT project:


Ewa Stec, communication assistant, Kamil Gucwa, Business Controller, Nokia:


"(...) We are convinced that the internships carried out positively influenced the acquisition of practical skills, students can boast both specialist knowledge and qualifications necessary for further work. PELIKAN IT is a project that allows students to adjust their professional competencies to the dynamically changing job market in the IT industry."




Paulina Biedrońska, Personnel Management Specialist, Ericpol:

"Pelikan IT" is an example of an EU-funded project, which managed to generate long-term results. What we value most about this project is the creation of foundations for a broader and long-term cooperation between the University and employers. The Employers' Council, appointed as part of the project, continues its activities, involving representatives of several of Krakow's largest IT companies. During Council meetings, we jointly consider the possibilities of developing educational programs and increasing the presence of business in the educational process. The second initiative developed during the project implementation also deserves attention - 3rd year students have the opportunity to prepare bachelor's theses in cooperation with companies, working on the development of real projects. This undertaking enables students to get to know the realities of professional work and develop the skills expected in the labor market. We are convinced that this experience will help them start a professional career in the IT industry."


Paweł Molenda, General Manager and Krakow Site Leader, Sabre Polska:

At Saber, we support young IT talent and are looking for talented IT specialists to jointly create new technologies that drive the tourism industry around the world. We process more than 32,000 transactions in one second, which means great challenges  but also great opportunities. Thanks to cooperation with Jagiellonian University, we reach young people who want to take advantage of these opportunities and share with them practical IT knowledge, offer them internships, and work on ambitious projects. Saber and the Institute of Computer Science and Mathematics are linked not only by the location in Krakow, the Jagiellonian University campus is just a few steps from the Saber office, but also by a common goal, developing young talents in the IT field, which, in the case of Saber, will create new technologies for millions of traveling people globally.


Grzegorz Cempla, Ocado:

"Ocado Technology became involved in the work of the PELIKAN IT project, convinced that participation in this project will benefit all interested parties and will be an opportunity to expand cooperation between our company and the Institute. The project meetings were an excellent opportunity to learn more about the current scope of student education, as well as to exchange with the academic staff questions, expectations, and suggestions related to the preparation of students for professional work. We hope that Ocado Technology's contribution to the PELIKAN IT project has allowed the Institute and the students themselves to broaden their perspective on the challenges faced by students who are currently entering the career path in IT companies. At Ocado Technology, we see sharing knowledge and experiences as one of the pillars of our identity. Therefore, we were happy to share what we expect from candidates for work, what are our experiences of conducting student internships, and we also engaged in initiatives that are a continuation of the PELIKAN IT program. In addition to the obvious benefits for future graduates of the opportunity to learn the practical applications of the knowledge they acquire during their studies, the benefits of establishing relationships between the company and the Institute, it became clear that the participation of our employees in the project and the initiatives resulting from it also allowed them to discover the joy of commitment to the benefit of others and develop additional skills."

Published Date: 09.05.2016
Published by: Krzysztof Bartosz