Computer science power continuum, i.e. meetings with computer mathematics

We invite all high school students who are interested in computers and are not afraid of mathematics at the same time, to participate in meetings with computer mathematics.

Schedule of lectures:

Date Lecturer Title
17.11.2017, godz. 10:00 dr Małgorzata Moczurad In the marzipan kingdom of Juliet (without Romeo)
8.12.2017, godz. 12:00 dr hab. Daniel Wilczak How does the computer count?
18.01.2018, godz. 10:00 dr Tomasz Kapela Simulation of planets, chaos
1.03.2018,  godz. 12:00 prof. dr hab. Marian Mrozek Computer-assisted evidence
15.03.2018, godz. 12:00 prof. dr hab. Piotr Zgliczyński Simulations, the butterfly effect
12.04.2018, godz. 10:00 dr Marcin Żelawski Topological data analysis
26.04.2018, godz. 10:00 dr hab. Piotr Kalita About turbulence and a million dollars
14.05.2018, godz. 10:00 mgr Michał Lipiński Flatlanders, rotations and the fourth dimension
13.06.2018, godz. 10:00 mgr Irmina Walawska How not to get lost in space


The meetings last about 75 minutes in total (lecture and visiting the Faculty's building). Classes wishing to take part in the lectures are asked to contact dr Małgorzata Moczurad (

Published Date: 23.11.2016
Published by: Maciej Skwirczyński